Rug Hooking

by Sara-Beth Black:

Rug Hooking originally started in the 1800’s using wool fabric
cut in strips and hooked thru a backing made from an old feed sack.
This is NOT latchhook or punch hook or punch needle. Using burlap,
monks cloth, or primitive linen as a backing, I draw the design I want
to hook. Most of my pieces are rugs that are actually used on the floor
so I hook with 100% wool fabric for durability. I use wool fabric off
the bolt that I dye as well as recycled wool from garments that I get
at thrift shops, then overdye.



0:25   Getting ready to hook

4:54   Showing both hands thru the screen

7:23   Under the hoop

9:08   Square, Circles and Stars, oh my

21:34  Blocking your piece

32:50  Ways to finish your piece


(Above image available as a t-shirt thru the
Dorr Mill Store
; not available as a kit.)


The first Saturday of the month is a rug hooking study group at the Historic Johnson Farm.  If you are already hooking on a project and have some questions,  or just want a social area to meet other fiber artists, come join us. The cost of attendance is $5.00, payable at the class.   If you are interested in learning to hook, we will be having beginner classes through out the year.  Please contact Ruth Howe @ (828) 458-0738 or by e-mail at Ruth272nc@aol.com.  If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail at sarabethblack@mountainwool.com.

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